Meet our founders

Kachi & Blessing Ogbonna are a couple who are on a mission to build businesses that improve human life.

HTS Shuttle Services was co-founded by Kachi and Blessing Ogbonna.

Kachi is a value driven entrepreneur and renowned business consultant, passionate and focused on driving societal values and dignity of mankind in alignment to entrepreneurship and business strategy.

His career has taken him through the banking sector, telecommunications, training and consulting and NGOs. He has researched over 150 companies in Nigeria, seeking for the common denominator for all the successful brands across different sectors. He has had the good fortune of sitting for business reviews with top MDs and business leaders including Rajiv Sharma, Prof. Pat Utomi, Ben Bruce, Innocent Ifediaso Chukwuma and many more.

Kachi is the founder of HTS Business School, and Co-founder, Myunihostels. He has authored two entrepreneurship masterclass CENTRAL BANK OF IDEAS and HOW THEY STARTED foreword by Prof. Pat Utomi.

As a Startup Consultant and Business Developer he specializes in building and helping others build businesses from ground zero.

Blessing is a startup enthusiast and emerging human resources professional. She is the original originator of the HTS Shuttle Services idea having been a victim of the poor transport services in Owerri.

Blessing is passionate about helping Nigerian young people become all that God has created them to be and she teaches that value creation is the principal source of wealth creation.