About HTS

Our vision is to provide an easier, safer, faster, cheaper and more convenient option for people to move around within major cities in Nigeria.

Bringing Convenience & Comfort to Intra-city Transport

HTS Shuttle Services is an intra-city transport company founded on November 01, 2017 and focused on solving the problem of poor customer services and insufficient supply of the various means of transportation within major cities in Nigeria starting from Owerri, and at the same time creating opportunity for investors to get maximum return on their investments in the road transport sector without being directly involved in the running of the business.

Our vision is to provide an easier, safer, faster, cheaper and more convenient option for people to move around within major cities in Nigeria.

As the population of Nigeria keeps increasing on a daily basis and with rural-urban migration at an all-time high, the need to move people from one place to the other is equally on the rise. Unfortunately, despite the huge and commendable efforts of several state governments to address this, the problem of intra-city transportation in most cities still lingers. In Owerri for instance, since the state government restricted the use of commercial motorcycle popularly known as Okada the predominant means of intra-city transport system has been tricycle, also known as Keke Napep. Sadly, the tricycle has probably caused more harm than the intended solution.


On the other hand, most of these tricycles on the roads are owned by individuals who have invested in purchasing and registering the tricycle after which they give it out to a particular driver with a contractual agreement of getting a certain sum of money as his returns on a weekly or monthly basis over a particular period of time. But most often than not the drivers are not sincere enough to keep to the terms of the contract, rather they continue to manufacture excuses instead of making the returns as agreed.

HTS Shuttle Services (one of the innovative offshoots of HTS Business School) has therefore spotted this problem and decided to be the solution by providing an intra-city transport system that is committed to excellent customer service to alleviate the enormous transport challenges facing residents and visitors in Nigerian major cities, starting with Owerri and at the same time providing a platform for investors in this sector to get maximum return on their investments without being directly involved in the day –to – day running of the business.

Why Choose Us

We are on a mission to offer you best, cheap and comfortable convenience.

Excellent Customer Service

The customer is valued, appreciated and treated with utmost respect at all times, with their feedback always welcomed.

Executive and express services

We don’t just offer charter service but executive treat to individuals and their family members.

Online Booking

Our hotlines and online platforms are always open to the general public for bookings, enquiries, feedback and partnership.

Monthly Vouchers

A family, church, bank, school or individual can purchase our monthly voucher which entitles them to the use of our buses for the entire month.

Neat and clean buses

Our vehicles and seats are kept neat at all times to allow you dress fittingly for every occasion.

Emergency Response Service

It is impossible for you to be stranded anywhere within the state if you have our hotlines.