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Our vision is to provide an easier, safer, faster, cheaper and more convenient option for people to move around within major cities in Nigeria.

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What We Do

Our solution is to create a system that makes intra-city transportation easier, cheaper, faster and more convenient for residents and visitors alike. We adopt the use of well branded mini shuttle buses (as against the rampart and inefficient tricycles) with professionally trained drivers who are available at every single route to convey commuters with excellent customer service and high sense of courtesy to their destinations.

Pick and Drop Services

This is the regular and normal services of picking and dropping passengers at various bus stops and we shall be available at every route within the metropolis.

Charter Services

We shall also be available to individuals or groups who would want to charter any of our buses for a specified number of hours or to a particular destination within the metropolis and its suburbs.

Executive Services

We also intend to have monthly vouchers that customers can purchase and be entitled to the use of our buses anywhere, anytime for the entire month.

Emergency Response Service

We shall have our rapid response lines available for individuals who are stranded at odd hours to call and we shall immediately at the shortest possible time respond to convey them to their destinations.

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Meet Our Founders

HTS Shuttle Services was co-founded by Kachi and Blessing Ogbonna.

Kachi is a value driven entrepreneur and renowned business consultant, passionate and focused on driving societal values and dignity of mankind in alignment to entrepreneurship and business strategy.

His career has taken him through the banking sector, telecommunications, training and consulting and NGOs. He has researched over 150 companies in Nigeria, seeking for the common denominator for all the successful brands across different sectors.

He has had the good fortune of sitting for business reviews with top MDs and business leaders including Rajiv Sharma, Prof. Pat Utomi, Ben Bruce, Innocent Ifediaso Chukwuma and many more.